We need you! Community garden committee members.

Hi, you already know that the Lakeside Drive Community Garden is a dynamic and exciting educational site for the community to grow food and learn sustainable living practices. You may have taken part in one or more events and have seen the positive impact we have had on the community.

You may not know that, as an incorporated body which can apply for grants, we have a committee structure and are having an AGM in early December to set up a new committee. As a few of our current members are going away for shorter or longer times, we really need some new organisers and would love your help in fulfilling the formal requirement of meeting four times a year in an official capacity.

In the last two years, our committee has done a lot and want to keep the energy going. We have facilitated about 20 workshops. We have partnered with the Seabreeze festival to make Darwin waste aware and developed a system of collecting compost from the main kitchen at CDU, saving over 1700 kg going to landfill and turning it into lovely soil. We have run a Work for the Dole program training people in garden maintenance and established a nature based playgroup.

We want to make sure this keeps happening but absolutely rely on volunteers to keep up the formal management of the garden.

Please consider becoming a more active participant in Lakeside Drive Community garden in 2019. We will be having an AGM early November (details coming) and nomination forms can be downloaded here:


Please feel free to email lcdgarden@gmail.com with any questions or ring to find out more. Birut Zemits (committee chair) 0438611447

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