Lakeside Drive Community Garden is a welcoming space where all members of the community can come together to share skills, local and traditional knowledge and innovative ways of living sustainably. Collectively we will create a thriving, healthy centre for producing food, knowledge and inspiration based on permaculture ethics, principles and design.

Community gardens are recognised worldwide as a great way to grow food, improve health, meet people, and cultivate vibrant communities. Community gardens:

  • Allow people to grow their own vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers
  • Contribute to building an ecologically viable and socially just food system
  • Are a convivial way of getting fresh air and exercise with no gym fees
  • Foster community engagement and a culture of generosity, reciprocity, trust and self-help
  • Are great places to learn about gardening and share local and traditional knowledge
  • Preserve and improve the precious green spaces in urban environments
  • Develop innovative ways of living sustainably in the city
  • Create art projects, community events, celebrations, workshops, and much more
  • Provide opportunities for cultural exchange and learning.
  • Some community gardens can produce enough food to share the surplus and/or develop community enterprises.

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