The Patch

Originated, 12 years ago from the old council depo in Leanyer The Patch moved in October 2019 setting up roots at Lakeside Drive Community Garden and have developed considerably since conception. We acknowledge the support of City of Darwin council, who have continued to support us, and we appreciate their contribution. 

Is an activity & enterprise centre and is part of Lakeside Drive Community Garden and hosted by Judy, The Patch coordinator.


  • To provide a safe environment for lifelong learning opportunities for students and adults.
  • The Patch has a focus on sustainability, growing, eating, and enjoying food plants. Gardeners at The Patch use organic gardening methods.
  • Individualised projects for interested people can also be accommodated.

Users of the Patch include:

  • People with special needs who have left school.
  • Interested community members who love gardening and are keen to volunteer and mentor others
  • Schools to supplement literacy and numeracy programs with an opportunity for students to experience hands on learning in a supportive and practical environment
  • Middle and Senior Years students accessing a Supported Work Experience with the focus on skill building, teamwork and opportunities to negotiate and plan individualised project work.

To get involved send an email today to