Green Cover Crops

Sunday 1st March at 9 AM – 10:30 AM, LDCG

The Wet season is a great time to protect and build your soil. Michael Roseth will share his experience with his own home garden discussing how different plants can add nutrition to the soil, prevent it from washing away in the heavy rains and in some cases be edible crops themselves.

He will also demonstrate how rather than taking endless trailor loads of prunings and weeds to green waste at the tip, you can use them to build simple, no infrastructure compost piles.

Please wear a hat, bring drinking water and sunscreen. We will be doing some chopping and planting.

It will be a short workshop from 9 -10:15 ish, followed by a cuppa and Kim Yates tasty morning tea.

There is a driveway entrance and parking space at the grass oval on the green shed side of the garden. Better yet be kind to the environment; ride your bike, walk or catch the number 4 bus.

We are always after volunteers to help on the day, with setting up from 8.30am and pack down, and also helping with morning tea and general socialising with visitors. If you want to help out just show up a little early and leave a little late :). We will probably be able to find a job for you.

Any suggestions and ideas for future themes for 2020 please certainly let us know, and if you are keen to take the lead with information sharing on the day, those extras you can provide will make the Sunday mornings very special.

Thanks go to the Minor Community Benefit Fund Grant, NTG for their support of our workshop program.

Thanks Georgia, Kim and Michael

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