About Us

Lakeside Drive Community Garden  is a community garden on a two acre site on Lakeside Drive in Alawa. Initiated in 2008 by CDU students, the Lakeside Drive Community Garden is now an award-winning demonstration site for tropical food production and sustainable living education. The garden is run by a Management Committee that is made up of dedicated volunteers with diverse range of skills. We have two part-time staff members who run the Work for the Dole Program that operates out of the garden. We have a large social network of over 800 people connected via email and facebook that we promote our activities to. We aim to:

  • Provide community education on food security and sustainable lifestyles, including the reduction of household waste, in an urban environment.
  • Demonstrate sustainable gardening practices through the use of permaculture principles such as compost and mulching.
  • Inspire local residents to grow native species and food plants suitable for the tropics, both in their own backyards and the wider community.
  • Collaborate with other local environment and conservation groups in educational outreach programs.